Tailored Pre-Need Solutions for a Strong Foundation

Helping you build skills, cultivate relationships and grow your business into the future


Funeral homes that use our exclusive pre-need funding solutions have the ongoing support and guidance of The Outlook Group, an organization regarded among the nation's best at helping funeral homes succeed in an ever-changing environment. Our tailored solutions allow you to build skills and take your funeral business to new levels.

Take a moment to learn about the pre-need services we offer. Each is tailored to address the unique challenges you face — so you can continuously improve your business and provide the care your families deserve in their time of need.

Our Regional Development Directors will work in close partnership to develop a program individually tailored to your specific needs and goals. Your customized program will be creative, diverse and financially viable.

The Regional Development Director will oversee the ongoing training and development of each Advance Funeral Planner and will determine the precise number of leads required to achieve your goals.

We are committed to assist in the continuous improvement of the pre-need services you currently provide, while identifying new and cost-saving approaches for the future to ensure ongoing profitability for your firm.

Our lead generation storefront allows you to implement effective online and offline lead generation campaigns with a tailored message to your target audience. Thousands of high-quality promotional products are available at an affordable price, including

  • Brochures
  • Direct mail templates
  • Newspaper inserts


Maintaining a successful business is more than making the sale today. It involves a comprehensive evaluation of the past and present in order to project new profitability for the future.

Insights provides a deeper, broader look at your entire business. The program assesses the previous profitability of your products and services, analyzes market trends and provides ways to leverage what you've learned to ensure ongoing profitability.

The goal is to use information about the business you wrote in the past to provide insights that will help you make educated decisions for the future.

With over 84 combined years of field experience, the Academy is dedicated to enhancing the value of funeral services by providing quality, hands-on courses for pre-need service professionals.

Skill Building Courses
Using the DEER (Discovery, Educate, Estimate and Resolve) approach, our skill building courses help you gain the commitment from families today that will help solidify your tomorrow.

Lead Generation Programs
We offer three programs designed to help you recognize opportunities, obtain referrals and increase communication skills to capture your desired pre-need demographic.

The families you serve are the foundation upon which your business is built. To make sure your foundation stays strong, it is imperative you constantly reach out to help existing families while also attracting new members of the community to serve. Every consumer interaction is an opportunity to increase and protect your market share.

The Outlook Relationship Management System (ORMS) allows you to seamlessly track and interact with your pre-need sales prospects in a timely and effective manner never before available in funeral service.

ORMS allows you to:

  • Optimize every aspect of the pre-need prospect experience
  • Build relationships by reaching out to prospects in new ways
  • Manage your leads and track all your correspondence with them
  • Leverage forms to maximize marketing campaigns